Green fingers, green heart
Ah yes, the domestic garden! One’s very own private outdoor retreat from all the stress and noise of everyday life. Whether as part of your estate or for rent, every gardener values the relaxing effect of his blooming oasis. Nosing the fresh air, getting some exercise and even getting your hands dirty from time to time, growing your own fresh fruit and vegetables or just enjoying the peaceful serenity of your little green kingdom. A garden has much to offer.

We lend you a hand!
Nobody understands that better than we do! That’s why we want to help you keeping your leafy hideaway looking its best and even further expand it with the aid of our products. UPP does not only help you bringing in the harvest but also picking up the fallen leaves efficiently and composting them in a compact and low odour manner. Gardening is fun, of course, but there should also be enough time to unwind! With our innovative watering solutions, you can irrigate your garden even more efficiently and thus have more time to sit in the sun and enjoy the colourful splendour of flowers. Creative landscaping and volUPPtous flora made easy! We offer you a wide variety of pots and raised flowerbeds to suit all your flowers and plants. You are showing the way with the long-lived UPP slabs! The greatest and most beautiful garden is the one we all live in. Hence it is our collective responsibility to preserve it – each within the scope of one’s possibilities. That is why we take extra care to deliver our products without excess packaging.

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UPP protective net raised bed

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