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Lawn Sprinkler Water-Saving with 180° Tilt Head

  • EFFICIENT, WATER-SAVING - up to 12 meters in diameter - works even at the lowest pressure of 1.33L/min
  • Putting the earth spike into the ground
  • Any number of lawn sprinklers can be connected in series
  • Standard 1/2" connection. incl. additional 1/2' adapter for connection
  • Swivel head infinitely adjustable - for trees, beds, slopes, etc.. Pressure: 0,69-1,38 Bar, 4-6m radius, water flow: 1,33-24,75L/min
  • Dimensions: 33,4 cm x 12,5 cm
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16,99 EUR
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EFFICIENT, WATER-SAVING - up to 6-meter Radius - works even with low water pressure of 0,69 Bar

  • REACH:With the UPP garden sprinkler you can water an area with a diameter as large as 12 meters! The rotating sprinkler also works perfectly well with low water pressure of just 0,69 - 1,38 bar and reaches an irrigation radius of up to 6 meters.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Thanks to the 180° tilting sprinkler head you can water your garden either in a regular 360° circular pattern or customize the water jet to reach across bushes, stones or larger plants - ideal for hilly gardens!
  • COMPATIBLE & STURDY: The large garden sprinkler gets connected via a regular 1/2" quick hose connector (compatible with Gardena and Hozelock as well). The long spike at the bottom makes for a stable base even in difficult terrain, With the included adapter you can either connect as many lawn sprinklers in series as you want or just single one as and end of line sprinkler.
  • SAVES WATER: Thanks to the water sprinkler working with a very low water pressure there is a water flow of just 1,33 L/min. But if you like you can also work the rotating sprinkler using high pressure and get a water flow of up to 24,75 L/min 
  • SAVES TIME: Irrigate your garden more efficiently using the UPP tilting large area sprinkler. Do without constantly relocating your sprinklers and stop wasting time trying to figure out how to make sure the water reaches all your plants. Our garden sprinkler with its 180° tilt head makes garden irrigation easy.
  • Press.: 0,69 - 1,38 Bar | rad.:4 - 6 m | flow: 1,33 - 24,75 L/min
  • Dimensions: 33,4 cm x 12,5 cm
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