Micro Sprinkler System (18 pcs.)

  • For beds, flower pots and other green areas
  • Most efficient irrigation with quality equipment
  • 50% less water than conventional sprinkler systems!
  • Suitable for up to 75m² irrigation area
  • Can be extended as required - can be cut to size individually
  • Water pressure 10psi-60psi (0.5-5 kg/cm²)
  • 18-piece complete set for instant start
  • dimensions: 7,5 m
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18 pcs. Sprinkler System to get You Started!
  • ✅ SMALL, BUT OH MY: Thanks to the small form factor our micro sprinklers are nearly invisible in your garden. Once stuck in the ground and turned on the rotating sprinklers will irrigate an area of up to 75 m² with a pressure of 10 - 60 psi (0,5 - 5 kg/cm²).
  • ✅ EFFICIENT: Due to the compact size of the sprinklers they use up to 50% less water than conventional models. Perfect for the using precise irrigation in beds, planters, rock gardens or other hard to reach green areas.
  • ✅ GENTLE: The micro sprinklers are much closer to the ground than regular sized ones and make for a very direct irrigation that is especially gentle to your plants and prevents burn damage from watering while the sun is still high.
  • ✅ ALL INCLUSIVE: The 18 pcs. set produces a complete sprinkler system that is ready to go as soon as you assembled it. The set includes:
    • 7,5 m hose
    • 5 small sprinklers
    • 5 connectors
    • 5 stakes
    • 1 stopper
    • 1 adapter
  • ✅ CUSTOMIZABLE: You can connect any number of sprinklers in series. Cut the included garden hose to size to place the micro irrigation sprinkler heads exactly where you need them. You need a little extra? Not a problem, you can easily expand your garden sprinkler kit.
  • dimensions: 7,5 m
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