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Fury friends
The relationship between you and your four legged partner is a special one. It does not matter whether you are all about cats or dogs or both. You just want what is best for your cuddly companion. Nothing fills you with more joy than a wiggling tail or a satisfied purr.

Our product testers Lola and Grey
This results in our high expectations for the articles in our pets section. In order to find products that meet our high standards we are employing two vivacious product testers that carefully monitor our samples before we add them to our shop. With over 7 years of experience in the field the know exactly what it takes. Equipped with a fine nose for solid products, a thick hide and the right playfulness they really are taking care of business. But do not worry, all work is done voluntarily and our testers are well paid in belly rubs und treats ;-)

But enough with the dog-and-pony show. If you are looking for high quality products for your trusty pet, take it for a walk through our e-shop.