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UPP 2-in-1 Landscaping Rake - Small

  • Two sides of use: 22 short tines for raking weeds, small leaves and waste, small stones, as well as 12 long tines for leaves, grass clippings, etc.
  • Robust black plastic, even under heavy loads
  • Ideal tool for cultivating and working the soil
  • Dimensions: 32.5 × 11.5 × 7.5 cm | Long tines: 8.0 cm, 12 tines | Short tines: 4.0 cm, 22 tines
  • Telescopic rod sold separately. For excellent results, we recommend the use of aluminum telescopic handle (Art 387).
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14,99 EUR
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Robust multi-purpose gardening tool!
  • MORE EFFECTIVE: Gardening, more often than not, consists of many tasks that require more than one gardening tool. This burdens the gardener with having to switch between tools on a constant basis.and putting aside the tools not needed right now in order to avoid tripping over them. But with the UPP 2-in-1 landscaping rake you can now spare yourself these interruptions and greatly enhance your productivity!
  • MORE SPACE SAVING: Having more garden tools also means having to store them some place. This usually eats up a lot of space in your tool shed. Instead, you could utilize smart tools that combine multiple appliances in one device. Our 2-in-1 garden rake offers you exactly that! At 32,5 cm width it is practical to use and yet easy to store!
  • MULTI TOOL: Our plastic rake makes use of its two sides. One side features 22 short teeth which are perfect to use as a weed puller or a moss rake, raking together pebbles or rubbish. The other side comes with 12 long teeth for use as a leaf rake for raking up grass trimmings and fallen leaves or as a soil rake for cultivating your soil. Combine booth options to create endless scenarios of use!
  • HEAVY DUTY: With our heavy-duty garden rake you will get a quality product. The special plastic is super lightweight but at the same time nearly indestructible and survives every use and accidental abuse by man or machine!
  • LAWN & BEDS: For lawn care, as a grass rake, leaf rake or soil rake use the long teeth. For bed care, meaning weed removal, cultivating or removing of lumps and stones just flip the rake over and use the short teeth. Now you have your gardening work under control!
  • Dim.: 32,5 x 11,5 x 7,5 cm | Long Teeth: 8,0 cm, 12 pcs. | Short Teeth: 4,0 cm, 22 pcs.
  • Handle sold separately. 
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