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UPP Drip Irrigation Rings (4 pcs.)

  • Reliable water dispenser for tomatoes, peppers, beans, cucumbers, etc.!
  • New: Safeguard against snails & slugs
  • Each ring has a volume of 1 L
  • Water slowly but continously drips and irrigates the plant fo a prolinged period of time
  • Incl. rod to hold rings in place
  • Made of robust and weatherproof plastic (PP)
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Reliable Irrigation System for Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Beans etc.!

  • IRRIGATION SYSTEM: Every gardener knows that tomatoes, beans and cucumbers need special attention and care. Especially when it comes to watering. With the help of our growth bag pots you will not have to worry about watering!
  • DRIP IRRIGATION: Once you have installed the plant halos and filled the water reservoir with 1 litre the tomato planters will automatically drip feed the water directly to the plants. This is not just good for the plant but also highly efficient! Create your own automatic watering system with very little effort!
  • SLUG & SNAIL PROTECTION: In an effort to protect your plants from snails and slugs we fitted our halo planters with a protective collar. With it your plants are completely protected from any harm done by slugs or snails.
  • PLANT SUPPORT: To allow for unhindered growth for your plants you can install garden plant supports with ease thanks to the included connector. Now your tomato plants, bell peppers and Beans are completely taken care of!
  • QUALITY: Made of quality plastics (PP) our growth bag pots are completely UV-safe and perfectly suited for outdoor use.
  • Dimensions: each 24,5 x 8,5 cm
    Inside diameter 12 cm outside 23 cm
  • Water volume of 1L
  • Content : 4 pieces
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