UPP drip tube irrigation set - can be extended as desired

  •  Design your own irrigation system - like the professionals
  • Leave permanently installed and benefit from time and water savings throughout the summer
  • The drip tube stores water and releases it only drop by drop. You save a lot of water and prevent rotting and plant diseases
  •  Set contains 30 meters 1/2" drip hose, 7.5 meters 1/2" PVC garden hose, 1x tap adapter, 10x quick couplings, 3x 3-way hose connectors, 1x hose mender, 8x hose fixer
  • The complete set can be extended, cut and customized as desired
  • 100% recycled rubber drip tube
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Convert to Drip Hose Irrigation quickly and easily!
  • âś… SAVE TIME: Once you have installed our drip hose irrigation kit there is no need to ever uninstall it. Do without having to route your garden hose and sprinklers everyday and instead just turn on the tap! No need to constantly eye the clock waiting to move your sprinklers around in an effort to water every plant.
  • âś… SAVE WATER: Make your garden irrigation more efficient and direct and save a lot of water. Thanks to our soaker hose the water trickles directly into the soil and no water gets wasted! Save up to 70% water and reduce costs in the process.
  • âś… GENTLE: The drip irrigation is especially gentle to your plants. It prevents diseases like rot but also burn in if the sun is still high during when you are watering your garden.
  • âś… GARDEN WATERING SYSTEM: Our drip irrigation system features all the components to get you started right out of the box:
    • 30 m soaker hose (1/2")
    • 7,5 m PVC garden hose (1/2")
    • 1x garden tap connector
    • 10x quick hose connectors
    • 3x 3-way hose pipe splitter
    • 1x 2-way hose pipe connector
    • 8x soaker hose pegs
  • âś… CUSTOMIZABLE: Cut the hoses to size and make everything fit your needs. 30 m of soaker hose is not enough? No problem, you can expand the set at any time. Our Soaker hose is made from 100% recycled rubber.
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