UPP Drum composter 2 chambers each 70 L

  • Ideal for small areas such as the balcony
  • 2 stopper positions | mixing beam | 2 chambers with one door each
  • Clean composting and safe protection against vermin
  • Internal aeration accelerates the composting process
  • Weatherproof
  • Dimensions: 63 x 60 x 74 cm
  • Volume : 2 x 70L, total of 140L
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Compost fast, stench free, without any mess and safe from mice, birds and insects!

  • âś… YEAR-ROUND COMPOSTING: Use the rotating composter to reduce your organic garden and kitchen waste at any time of the year. Produce your own compost, which you then can use as an organic fertilizer for your plants.
  • âś… OXYGEN: Thanks to the teeth and air ducts the compost always gets properly mixed and supplied with oxygen - without you even having to break a sweat. Organic waste from your garden and kitchen, such as lawn cuttings, leaves, fruit and vegetable waste, are suitable for the compost bin.
  • âś… VOLUME & ACCESS: The garden composter is equipped with 2 huge chambers each fitting 70 L for the more extraordinary gardening needs. The UPP revolving composter is equipped with sliding doors on each side of the drum for easy access. Not only that but this closed design holds unpleasant odours inside and keeps unwanted visitors like rodents and insects out. The two stoppers fixate the drum so you can easily load the garden compost.
  • âś… QUALITY: The drum composter is made of weatherproof and UV-resistant materials. The metal legs guarantee a secure stand on any ground. With a lightweight design of only 7,1 kg and a compact form factor of , the composter can be easily constructed and transported.
  • âś… ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Our rotary composter is made of 100% recycled materials. A green alternative to conventional plastic!
  • Dim.: 63 x 60 x 74 cm | Vol.: 2 x 70 L | Tare: 7,1 kg
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  • Composting is the natural and civil way to recycle - the advantages are numerous
  • A composter will reduce the amount of organic waste and reduces stress on landfills
  • Humus contains many nutrients that are essential for plant life and can help reduce the use of fertilizers
  • Composted humus is also a great additive to your soil making it more susceptible to water and easier to cultivate
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