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UPP Easy Edging Knife

  • 105 cm metal handle - work in an upright position
  • Big tread fits your whole foot so you can cut using your whole bodyweight
  • Blade composed of 18/0 weatherproof chromium steel
  • tread size: 30 x 11 cm
  • Durable and stable
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29,99 EUR
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Easy working with healthy posture!

  • ERGONOMIC: Lawn care, especially edging, puts a lot of stress on your back. Unless of course, if you use our manual lawn edger! Structure your grass areas while standing up and without ever needing to bend down, thanks to the 105 cm long handle!
  • QUICK AND EASY: On long edges in particular lawn care becomes a true test of patience. But our edging spade can help! With the 30 cm long edger blade you get the job done in no time and will have a neat border around your lawn.
  • LOW EFFORT: Our edge trimmer works with your bodyweight. The 30 x 11 cm big tread transfers your weight directly to the blade so that even the hardest ground does not pose a challenge.
  • QUALITY: With the blade made of sturdy metal and high quality plastics for the tread the UPP edging tool is absolutely safe to use. The big blade is made of 18/0 chromium steel and is highly resistant to corrosion.
  • CLEAN: Finish your landscaping efforts by structuring your garden with border edging. Easy and quick with our edging tool.
  • tread size: 30 x 11 cm
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