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UPP Ergonomic Litter Picker Grabber Tool

  • Light and handy for the small garden
  • For easy and back-friendly collection and removal of individual leaves or rubbish through the handle extension
  • work without skin contact - clean and dry hands
  • By pressing the button, the collected goods can be released quickly and easily
  • dimensions: 12,5 x 100 cm
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24,99 EUR
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Long And Flexible For Back-Friendly Working!
  • ✅ LEAF COLLECTOR: Even if you have none or very few trees in your garden you still have some fallen leaves to take care of. But with such small amounts working the lawn with a leaf rake seems overkill. Instead, you are better off using the UPP ergonomic pickup grabber!
  • ✅ FAST & SIMPLE: Pick up leaves in no time and dispose of them directly into the bin or compost - back-friendly and without bending over! The many spikes at the end of our picker upper take care so that once picked up, the leaves will not fall down again.
  • NOT JUST LEAVES: But with our grabber tool you cannot just collect leaves but also pick up any rubbish the wind brought into your garden. Scattered trash or fallen fruits can be easily collected with our trash picker! Due to the tools long handle and high flexibility you can even reach into difficult spots without any problems!
  • CONTACT-FREE: No more picking up mouldy leaves, rotten fruit or old rubbish by hand! No more having to wear smelly gloves! Collect, pick up and dispose of all these things in a clean, easy and ergonomic way with the UPP grabber stick.
  • EASY DISPOSAL: You have picked everything clean using our litter picker? Then you can dispose of it directly into the bin with just the press of a button. The strong spring mechanism removes all garden wastes from the garden leaf picker  free of any residue.
  • Dimensions : 12,5 x 100 cm
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