UPP Kneeler Trolley 3-in-1

  • Multifunctional trolley 3-in-1 - for transport, sitting and kneeling!
  • Ideal as storage and transport box, workshop stool or trolley with storage compartment under the seat
  • Rugged wheels for outdoor use
  • Transport handles make it easy to carry
  • Foam padding for comfortable kneeling
  • Weather-proof plastic
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight Construction 2 kg
  • UV-resistant
  • Max. Load: 100 kg
  • Dimensions: 58.5 x 24.3 x 29.5 cm
Without accessories!
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Multifunctional -  3-in-1 Tool Box, Gardening Seat, Kneeler and all with wheels!

  • âś… ERGONOMIC: Gardening often forces us in uncomfortable positions that put a lot of unnecessary stress on our backs and knees. With our gardening seat you can alleviate this stress! With it you can work in seated position which is easy on your back and knees while still maintaining all the flexibility you need.
  • âś… SITTING: No matter if you are hedge trimming or cleaning your bike or car. On many occasions you are forced to bend down, knowing you will not stay pain free for long - and it will not get better with age! Using our garden stool on wheels you are able to prevent any back pain from working bent over without being restricted in your reach and flexibility.
  • âś… KNEELING: Bed care, planting, cultivating....the list garden work done kneeling is long. In order to use our rolling gardening seat as a kneeling pad you just flip the seat upside down. That's it! Now your knees will benefit from being cushioned by our kneeler! For extra safety you can grab on to the handles on the sides of the garden kneeler.
  • âś… TOOL STORAGE: Underneath the seat is a huge garden tool storage for all your hand tools! Have all your yard tools ready at hand and prevent misplacing them. Thanks to the handles and lightweight construction our weeding stool also doubles as an easy to carry tool box.
  • âś… QUALITY: Made of high quality plastics our multifunctional rolling garden work seat is the ideal addition to your gardening tools! UV-resistant and durable it will assist you for many seasons to come.
  • Dim.: 58,5 x 24,3 x 29,5 cm | tare: 2 kg | max. load: 100 kg
Delivery without accessories!
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