UPP Long Handled Leaf Grabber

Collecting fallen leaves has never been easier!
  • Pain free working - no need to bend over or kneel down
  • Keeps your hands clean - no unnecessary skin contact
  • Time saving - collect large amounts of leaves in short amount of time
  • Dimensions : 40 x 88,5 cm
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The new generation of leaf grabbing!

  • âś… ERGONOMIC: Especially in autumn when the garden and patio have to be freed from all the fallen leaves it is a highly stressful time for your back. But even besides that trimming your hedge or other gardening resulting in trimmings that need to be picked up your back will suffer. But our long handled leaf grabber can successfully prevent any back pain caused by this constant bending down! Work just as effective but in an upright position!
  • âś… EFFECTIVE: Instead of just picking up one handful at a time you use the UPP long handled grabber tool to pick up an immense amount of leaves or trimmings at once. Pick up collected leaves and drop them directly into your garden waste bag or compost. Handle those heaps of leaves like a champ!
  • âś… HYGIENIC: The UPP garden leaf grabber not only prevents back pain but also unnecessary skin contact. This comes in especially handy when collecting and picking up mouldy leaves or rubbish.
  • âś… GARDEN TOOL: Our pickup grabber is the ideal addition to your gardening tools. Whenever there are trimmings or rubbish to pick up, our long handled leaf picker is ready at hand!
  • âś… QUALITY: A strong metal construction builds the foundation for our garden grabber. Together with high quality plastics it is lightweight for easy use but also sturdy and durable.
Dimensions : 40 x 88,5 cm

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