UPP Root Watering Spikes Irrigation Kit with Clay granules (1,2L)

  • Easy application of care products for the treatment of the plant
  • By adding clay granules, more oxygen is released into the soil during irrigation
  • Time and water saving due to optimal conditions
  • With the help of fertiliser you can offer your plant an even better living environment
  • dimensions: 7,5 x 30 cm
  • Content: 2 pieces
  • Please keep away from children - swallowable parts
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For Use With Trees, Bushes and Large Plants for Ideal Irrigation!

  • âś… LARGE PLANTS: The bigger the plant the harder it is to deliver the water exactly where it needs to go: the root. But with our root irrigation kit this is no longer a problem! Just dig the spikes into the soil, and they will deliver the water directly to the plant's root. The ideal irrigation system for trees, hedges and all other large plants.
  • âś… SELF WATERING SYSTEM: To turn our watering spikes into an automated plant watering system simply fill the included clay pellets into the irrigation tubing. The clay acts as a water reservoir that slowly releases water into the earth. A perfect solution for longer vacations or a more automated watering system.
  • âś… AERATOR: Another advantage is the aeration of the roots. By having our plant watering spikes act as an aerator you can greatly enhance the plants growth and health. This also functions as a scarifier to prevent shock when replanting. In relation to the plant's size we recommend 4 - 8 spikes per plant.
  • âś… PLANT FEED: Our Irrigation tubing are also a great way to apply fertilizer to your plant. Instead of seep away right below the surface the feed now reaches the root directly and can be better absorbed.
  • Dimensions: 7,5 x 30 cm
  • Content: 2 pieces
Keep away from children - choking hazard!
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