UPP Silicon Toilet Brush Black

  • Hygienic and thorough at the same time
  • With 2 brush sides, ideal for cleaning
  • Replaceable Brush head
  • Made of non-adhesive silicone and plastic
  • Lasts longer than conventional toilet brushes
  • Length 43 cm, brush head Ø 11 cm
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Hygienic & Thorough At The Same Time!

  • ✅ HYGIENIC: Clean even those hard to reach spots in your toilet bowl with the non-stick bristles of our silicon toilet brush. The toilet brush head is completely hydrophilic and thus prevents any dripping after using the loo brush.
  • ✅ HYDROPHILIC: Thanks to the non-stick properties of our silicone loo brush water droplets will not build up on its surface so you do not have to worry about getting drops on your toilet seat or floor.
  • ✅ DESIGN: The versatile toilet brush head made of silicone makes thorough and hygienic toilet cleaning easy. With a designated piece of the head specially designed to get right into those hard to reach spots like under the rim of your toilet bowl. The tasteful and timeless design of the toilet brush set will complement any bathroom interior.
  • ✅ DURABLE: The silicone bristles of the UPP hygienic toilet brush are much more durable and at the same time more flexible than their plastic counterparts. Nevertheless, the toilet brush head is replaceable.
  • ✅ QUALITY: Different from most competitors the UPP loo brush has a much higher density of silicone bristles making toilet cleaning much easier and effective. Our silicone loo brush set is true high quality bathroom accessory that is built to last. 
  • Contents: Toilet Brush and Holder Set (Head ∅ ~11cm, Length: 43 cm)
Colour: Black
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