UPP Snail Fence Lawn Edging - 1 m

  • Protects plants and vegetables from all kinds of snails
  • Ecological and easy to adjust with permanent protection
  • Straight or round fence shapes are possible
  • Made of weather-resistant plastic
  • Dimensions: length per unit 25 cm (can be extended arbitrarily), height 18 cm, Contents: 1 set consisting of 4 parts = 100 cm
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Insurmountable obstacle for any snail and slug!

  • âś… SLUG REPELLENT: Any gardeners greatest fear is slugs and snails. They chew up all of your flowers, plants and vegetables. But with our snail fence garden edging you can stop them for good - without any chemicals or poison!
  • âś… INSURMOUNTABLE: You got to hand it to those snails, they are good climbers. But this fence is an obstacle they cannot ever hope scale! The downward pointed spikes force every slug or snail to resign!
  • âś… LANDSCAPE EDGING: Use our slug deterrent also as edging for your garden beds to give your garden a neat structure. An edge not just prevents your garden bed from fringing but also prevents law mower damage and protects your precious plants against pests like slugs and snails
  • âś… EASY INSTALLATION:  In order to install the garden border edging simply stick into the ground. Just like that! On harder ground you can also use a rubber hammer to drive the stakes into the soil.
  • âś… EXPANDABLE & DURABLE: You have many beds that need protection? No problem, because the UPP fences are expandable to your liking. And thanks to the high quality plastics they matched for every weather and super durable.
  • Dim.: per element 25 x 18 cm | Contents: 1 set consisting of 4 pcs. = 100 cm

The snails lay their eggs in the soil, they maybe often already nested in your garden bed before. Therefore, please cultivate the ground first to make sure that there are no more eggs in the garden soil.
If necessary, use additional slug traps in advance. Since snails are good climbers, please also prevent any overlapping branches or leaves.

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