UPP spike strip 2 meters

Effective against cats, birds and other unwanted guests while still beeing animal-friendly!
  • 4 strips per set
  • Highly effective cat, dog, fox, bird, crow, seagull and pigeon repellant - keep them off your property at all times!
  • put them on the fence as anti-climb spikes
  • Flexible: can be cut to size
  • incl. mounting material
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Keeps Cats, Birds and other Intruders at Bay!

  • âś… GUARANTEED EFFECT: The 1,7 cm long spikes keep all kinds of cats, brids and squirrels  from entering your property or sitting on walls and window sills. Completely natural squirrel & cat repellent - without any chemicals or electricity.
  • âś… SECURITY: Install the spike strip on walls, fences or balconies as anti climb spikes to prevent breaking and entering and beef up your home security.
  • âś… ADJUSTABLE: Every strip can be individually cut to size or be extended. Per set you get 4 strips.
  • âś… STABLE: Our spike strips are made of weather-resistant plastics and are secured with screws (screws included) so they cannot be easily removed.
  • 1 set = 4 strips = 198 cm | Dim.: 49,5 x 4,5 x 1,7 cm (per strip)
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