UPP Window bird feeder house

Transparent bird feeder for windows
  • Completely transparent for easy bird watching
  • 4 suction pads for a perfect hold on your windows
  • 3 seed compartments for different types of seed provided to the birds
  • Polycarbonate plastic composition
  • Approx. 30 √ó 14 √ó 10 cm, weight of only 465 g
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A way of looking at birds so close that you can see every detail of them.
  • ‚úÖ¬† Discover through your windows the birds living in your garden with UPP! Unlike ordinary bird feeders, this bird feeder allows you to never miss a moment in the life of your birds, thanks to the composition of the transparent polycarbonate feeder. Watch the birds pecking and chirping through your window, just a few centimetres away from your eyes.
  • ‚úÖ¬† Durable! : Most outdoor feeders do not allow you to get a good look at the birds and will not withstand the weather for very long. Thanks to their durable materials, these observation feeders will maintain their quality and will not deteriorate under the effects of sun and storm. Enjoy the durable acrylic construction that will not crack, bend or yellow in the sun or frost. 4 powerful suction cups keep your feeder close to the window, protecting it from high winds and the weight of large birds.
  • ‚úÖ ¬†Many advantages: This window feeder is not only uniquely designed to look at birds without disturbing them, but it also offers all the advantages that make it possible to distribute the seeds properly:
    • A rounded and textured perch, designed for bird comfort.
    • Drainage holes keep your seeds dry in case of rain or bad weather.
    • Removable tray for easy cleaning of your food dispenser.
    • 3 sections of seeds to help you attract different birds.
    • A 4-cup seed capacity that minimizes filling frequency so you can enjoy your vision without interruption.
  • ‚úÖ¬† A perfect gift : Whatever the occasion, this food dispenser will delight your family or friends by allowing them to observe the bewitching beauty of nature.
Approx. 30 √ó 14 √ó 10 cm, weight of only 465 g
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