UPP Wood & Steel Shoe Stretcher

  • Prevent from painful blisters and helps the breaking in of new shoes
  • Includes 2 plastic attachments for extra stretch in specific places - because every foot is different
  • Fits left and right shoes
  • No need to break in new shoes any more
  • Also helps to keep shoes in form
  • Material: pine wood and steel
  • For men's shoes: suitable for shoes size 4 to 13.5
  • 1 piece for one shoe
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Prevent painful blisters and do without needing to break in of new shoes!

  • âś… SHOE SHAPER: New shoes can be quite troublesome. They have to be shaped to fit your feet and until then will cause discomfort, pain and most likely even blisters. Unless of course, you use the UPP shoe stretchers beforehand!
  • âś… LENGTH & WIDTH: Use our specially designed men's shoe stretcher to stretch and shape your new shoes to your liking. Whether you wish to lengthen them a bit or make them a little wider. Our shoe stretchers will do just that!
  • âś… SPOT STRETCH: Every foot is different. Which is why we made sure to design our shoe wideners in way that you can also select certain spots to shape and form. Sometimes a few millimetres in the right spot can make all the difference!
  • âś… COMPATIBLE: Our shoes stretcher are designed to fit men's shoes sizes 4 to 13,5 and will work as a trainer stretcher and leather shoe stretcher.
  • âś… QUALITY: Made of soft pine wood on the outside and metal on the inside our shoe wideners will provide a high stability necessary to stretch your shoes but at the same time will not cause any damage to the material.
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