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UPP HEAVY DUTY Plant Pot and Crate Trolley

Transport even the heaviest plant pots and crates with minimum effort!
  • TÜV/GS quality and safety tested
  • Pots and crates are securely locked in place with a clamping mechanism
  • Loaded pot rests against rubber buffers to prevent breaking
  • Baseplate provides extra support for the heaviest loads
  • Sturdy construction made of metal and quality plastic
  • Spare yourself and your back heavy lifting
  • Handle length: 120 cm
  • Max. load: 75 kg
  • 120x55x36cm, wheel 19x6cm, tube Ø 30 x 1.2 mm 
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49,99 EUR
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Perfect for transporting large garden planters and heavy storage crates!

  • GOODBYE BACK PAIN: When you have got large outdoor plant pots or storage crates to transport your back is usually the one that suffers most. But the UPP heavy-duty plant pot trolley will help to lighten the load and reduce the stress on your back.
  • UNIVERSAL: In order to be the best possible aid for you our barrow has a wide range of compatible plant pots. All planters and crates with a height from 20 to 75 cm will fit perfectly on the trolley. The handlebar is placed at a height of 120 cm to allow optimal leverage.
  • SECURE HOLD: Thanks to an ingenious design the garden pots and bottle crates are held securely by strong clamps. Big garden planters can get quite heavy but with the UPP sack barrow you can easily carry loads of up to 75 kg.
  • ATTESTED QUALITY: The robust construction of metal and high quality plastics has convinced the testers at TÜV/GS as well. They tested the safety of our sack truck and certified it.
  • EFFECTIVE: Instead of doing the heavy lifting yourself and moving big planters slowly from point A to point B why not use the UPP plant trolley and get the job done in a fraction of the time and with a healthy back? Safe time and stay healthy
Handle length: 120 cm
Max. load: 75 kg
120x55x36cm, wheel 19x6cm, tube Ø 30 x 1.2 mm 
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