UPP Airer and Wind-Safe Hangers

  • Coat hangers with adjustable "volume"!
  • Extra wide for optimum fit
  • Perfect for shoulder areas with wrinkle-prone fabrics
  • Clothes dry faster because of optimal air circulation
  • Hook is absolutely wind-safe
  • 2 pieces
  • Dimensions: per 38 x 9x 22cm
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Coat hangers with adjustable "volume"!

  • AIRER: The UPP dryer hanger allow for optimal air circulation and thus let your clothes dry faster! Save time doing the laundry with our air dryer hangers!
  • FEWER WRINKLES: The added thickness of our coat hangers not only makes your clothes dry faster but also produces fewer wrinkles in the process! This comes in especially handy with fabrics that are prone to wrinkles!
  • OPTIMUM FIT: Our dryer hangers are extra wide to allow for optimal fit of any clothing! Trousers, shirts, jackets? Everything fits perfectly!
  • TRAVEL: Whether you use our drying hangers as an addition to your clothes airer or as a highly portable air dryer when travelling, with the UPP clothes dryer hangers you will always get the best results!
  • WIND-SAFE: The specially designed hook on our hangers make them absolutely wind-safe and prevent your clothes from falling off and getting dirty again!
  • 2 pieces
  • Dimensions: per piece 38 x 9 x 22 cm
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