UPP flower pot with integrated irrigation system in an owl design

Watering your plants has never been easier than with the patented flower pot from UPP with an Owl design. A must-have for every plant lover!
  • Perfect for shelves, window banks, side tables
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy water refilling on 2 sides via the irrigation funnels (ears)
  • Owl shows the current water level
    • Eyes look down = too little water - refill!
    • Eyes in the middle = optimum water level
    • Eyes look up = water level high - do not refill!
  • Filling of the inner container with gravel for better root development is possible but not mandatory
  • Water tank: 1 litre 
  • Dimensions outside: 19 cm high, Ø 20.5 cm (without watering funnel), with : 25 cm
  • Dimensions inner pot: 18 cm high, Ø approx. 19.7 cm, inner dimensions: Ø approx. 17 cm, approx. 14.5 cm high
  • Weight: 512 gr.
  • Content : Flowerpot in owl design, accessories are not included
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Watering plants has never been easier than with UPP's patented flower pot in owl design. A must-have for everyone growing plants!
  • CLEVER SYSTEM: Pour your flowers and herbs over the side watering funnels so that the water runs into the water system. Thanks to the slits in the inner pot, the soil does not get extremely wet but remains permanently moist to maintain plant growth.
  • DESIGN: This plant pot combines design and function. The cloud always show the current water level:
    • Eyes look down = too little water - refill!
    • Eyes in the middle = optimum water level
    • Eyes look up = water level high - do not refill!
  • HERB POT: Thanks to the irrigation system, this plant pot is ideal for herbal plants. The optimal growth of basil, mint, thyme or parsley plants is provided by our plant pot with independent regulation of the water requirement. The soil is kept permanently moist without the risk of drying out or rotting.
  • ROOT DEVELOPMENT: Optimize root growth with a plant granulate. Fill layer by layer: granules, soil, plant, soil into the pot. During the first few weeks, pour plenty of water directly into the inner pot so that new roots can form and grow with the granules. From now on you can use the filling system!
  • Weatherproof: The UPP flower pot is not only suitable for indoor use but also for outdoor use! With our clever modern and stylish flower pots with system your windowsill, terrace or balcony will become a real eye-catcher!
  • Dimensions: outer pot Ø 20.5/25 x 19 cm, inner pot Ø 19.7 x 18 cm, inner dimensions Ø 17 x 14.5 cm | 512 gr.
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