UPP Plant Support Stand

  • Protects your fruits and vegetables against rotting, snails and fungi!
  • Suitable for strawberries, salad, tomatoes, etc.
  • Suitable for all seasons and multiple harvests, ground clearance adjustable
  • Diameter adjustable (30-40 cm), made of weather-resistant plastic
  • Contents: 5 sets = 10 x lattice parts, 10 x connectors (length is adjustable), 20 x stakes
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2-3 units
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> 3 units
per 7,50 EUR
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UPP Makes For A Rich Strawberry Crop!
  • âś… SUPPORTS: Strawberries are highly sought after fruits from ones own garden, but they do need extra care. This care comes in the form of UPP strawberry plant supports! These adjustable trays elevate the fruits above the ground and prevent mould and rot. So that the harvest is bountiful!
  • âś… PROTECTS: Furthermore our strawberry supports protect your little red fruits against slugs and snails. They cannot climb the legs of the tray. So the supports double as a slug repellent.
  • âś… ADJUSTABLE: Because every plant is different you can easily adjust the diameter of the grid from 30 to 40 cm to suit your needs. The level of elevation can be adjusted as well.
  • âś… NOT JUST STRAWBERRIES: Strawberries are not the only fruits that will profit from our trays. Salad and tomatoes are also in dire need of protection against slugs and rot.
  • âś… QUALITY: Made of high quality plastics our tomato supports will aid your sensible fruits and protect them for many seasons to come.
  • Contents: 5 sets = 10 x lattice parts, 10 x connectors (length is adjustable), 20 x stakes
  • Diameter adjustable (30-40 cm),
  • Made of weather-resistant plastic
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