UPP Transparent Slug Collars High

  • Protect your crop against slugs and snails!
  • Optimize growth conditions
  • Usable for years to come
  • Dimensions: Ø 19 cm (top), 12 cm high
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1 units
per 12,99 EUR
2-3 units
per 10,00 EUR
> 3 units
per 7,50 EUR
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Secure Plant Protection!

  • ✅ PLANT HALO: Every gardener knows that cabbage and lettuce plants need special care and protection from snails and slugs and other pests. The UPP cabbage collars offer all that and are an excellent solution!
  • ✅ SLUG REPELLENT: To offer your little plants the protection they so sorely need simply put our growing pots over them. That is all you need to do to provide an excellent plant protection and prevent any damage done by snails or slugs.
  • ✅ GROWTH: Your lettuce and cabbage plants will thrive under these ideal conditions. And our plant guards offer more than enough room for this kind of growth.
  • ✅ QUALITY: Thanks to the simple but robust construction and high quality plastics our grow bag pots can be re-used over the course of many seasons.
  • Dim.: Ø 19 cm (at the top) | height: 12 cm
  • Content: 5 pieces
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