UPP Automatic Awl

  • Sew top stitching like a sewing machine!
  • Complete set contains: Instructions, needle, hole punch, spanner, 1x thread spool (100% cotton)
  • Repair leather and other heavy fabrics yourself
  • Repairs to jackets, bags, suitcases and shoes are no longer a problem
  • Material: iron & rubber tree wood
  • Nickel and aluminium free
  • Dimensions: 16 cm L, Ø 3,5 cm
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Backstitches just like a sewing machine!

  • ✅ PRACTICAL: With our awl you can easily sew and backstitch leather and other fabrics yourself! Repairs on jackets, bags or shoes are a breeze with the UPP speedy stitcher! 
  • ✅ SIMPLE: The handy sewing tool for everyone! Stitch a loop through the fabric with the top thread and secure it with the bottom thread - Just like a sewing machine!   
  • ✅ SEWING AWL KIT: Our speedy stitcher sewing awl comes with a special needle for leather sewing as well as a hole punch and a wrench for opening and closing the leather awl! A comprehensive manual is also included!
  • ✅ PROFESSIONAL: Save money by doing repairs yourself! Repair and sew even heavy fabrics yourself with the UPP leather sewing kit! Or use our leather stitching awl to get creative and customize your clothes!
  • ✅ SPARES: Spool of thread in different colours are available! You can always count on our stitching awl!
  • Material: gum tree wood
  • Dimensions: 16 cm L, Ø 3,5 cm
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